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Looking to sell your classic, vintage, or exotic? We pay top dollar for all types of classic and exotic cars in any condition. We’ve been successfully buying and selling cars for decades. We pay top dollar for all types of cars in any condition. And if we can’t come to an agreement on a purchase price, we’ll be more than happy to help you sell your vehicle on consignment.

Our world-renowned track record and experience selling British cars ensures high visibility and promotion of your vehicle. Our worldwide connections ensure your car will be seen by serious buyers and the prominent players in the British car industry.

If you have any doubts about our abilities, all you have to do is see our track record of over 600 sales over the years. We’ve sold everything from vintage racers and muscle cars to boats and motorcycles. Your car will be promoted to a wide audience through our online inventory which is seen by thousands of website visitors every month. We’ve also compiled a large list of prospective buyers from all over the world to which we regularly send inventory updates. Your car will also be featured in our prime-location showroom where we get tons of foot traffic—many of them interested buyers.

So, tell us about your car, and if it perks our interest, we can get started on finding the right buyer. Whether we purchase it outright or find just the right buyer, odds are you’ll end up with a successful sale.

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