Every so often we get a car through our doors that we just have to blog about and share with everyone. Such is the case with this awesome Mini Van that was custom built by MINI Tech. It has a Honda B18 engine installed with an all-wheel drive system custom made and built by them. This one amazing car that is mind blowing to see in person. The countless hours of fabrication and creativity in this project are just awesome.

The car recently came to us for restoration work. The car was starting to show some wear and tear and our customer wanted in bringing back to show quality. What you see is the finished product of lots of hard work by our team. The car received a show-quality custom paint job and a new full-leather upholstery. This little car was a lot of work and a little bit of a challenge due to all of the custom work that had previously been done in addition to our work. The finished product came out awesome. This is a truly special little car that we hope you enjoy checking it out.

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