MG TD Restoration
Quite the transformation.

We just finished up another successful MG restoration! This time it’s a 1953 MG TD that has been with a family for many years and has tremendous sentimental value. The car was in rough shape when it arrived here at British Sports Cars; it had been off the road for a very long time. We have done a couple restoration updates on this car as we’ve been in the process of restoring it so please take a look at those to get a little more of the back story and see exactly what we’ve accomplished.



The car came out beautiful, restored back to just how the family remembers it. We had lots of challenges along the way as the car was in rough shape. As you can see by the finished product, it was all worth the effort and we can’t wait to get the car back to the family so they can get many more years of enjoyment out of it. When projects have the added dimension of sentimental value like this, it makes our work all the more rewarding.

MG TD Restoration
The interior turned out great.

We have to give a big thank you to all of our friends that have helped us achieve such a fantastic finished product. Hank’s Welding, Acme Autobody, Coastal Interiors, and of course, Moss Motors.

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And now for the photos!

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