Alloy Jaguar XK120

We get some amazing cars through our doors on a daily basis, but some just stand out from the rest. We’re very lucky to live where we do and get the opportunity to work on these amazing cars, and we’re honored we can share some of them with you.

This is one of those cars that stands out from the rest. It’s a 1949 Jaguar XK120 Alloy, and is one of only 242 ever produced. This is car number 670056 and is the fifty-sixth XK120 produced. It’s been subject to a complete concours restoration and has scored a near perfect 99 points in judging. The alloy XK120 has been in a museum for some time, and we are ecstatic that we have been chosen to get it back on the road and running just like it should.

Alloy Jaguar XK120

These alloy cars look much like a standard XK120, but are very different. If you look at the alloy-bodied XK120 by itself, it looks somewhat the same as the steel-bodied version. But if you were to put an alloy car side by side with a production steel car, you can see that the bodies are shaped quite differently. The alloy bodies that were built around an ash wood frame are unlike the steel cars. The telltale sign when looking at an alloy car is that it has big rubber spacers below the windshield posts. It also has a side-exit exhaust and what is known as a fluted grill.

Alloy Jaguar XK120 Differences

Have a look at some photos of this historic car.

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