MG TD Restoration

This is beginning to border on ridiculous, but believe it or not, we’re getting started on yet another MG TD restoration. The back of the shop is beginning to look like an exclusive MG TD restoration operation! This 1953 TD has been with the customer’s family for many years and been driven across country on several occasions. It has tons of sentimental value and brings lots of great memories along with it.

As you can see, this MG been off the road for many years and has seen better days. The car started its life as an east coast car so it does have some rust and wood rot that we’ll be addressing.

MG TD Restoration
Looking forward to restoring things to all their former glory.

Projects like this that have sentimental family value are always great to get our hands on; these are the jobs that remind us how rewarding restoration work can be. It’s not just a car; it’s a mechanical member of the family. We’ve stripped everything down to the chassis and it’s off to the body shop for repairs.

MG TD Restoration
Those east coast winters are tough!

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And now for the photos!

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