1961 Jaguar MK 2 Restoration
Starting over…

Surprise, surprise. We’re just getting started on yet another Jag restoration. This time, we’ll be performing a complete restoration a 1961 Jaguar MK2. This is a long-time California car that has never had any rust or accident damage, which will thankfully make our job a bit easier. The car arrived as a very original, nice looking and driving MK2, but our client would like it to look as it just rolled off the assembly line. And we’re ever so happy to oblige.

The original color was gunmetal gray, but our client wants to switch it up a bit with a gorgeous royal blue. The paint and body has been done by Acme Autobody here in San Luis Obispo, and they did a fantastic job as usual. The car began its life as an automatic, but we’ll be converting it to a four-speed with overdrive, as well as fully rebuilding the entire drivetrain. The upholstery will also be completely restored using only the best materials, and the elegant wood trim inside will be re-veneered to make it look better than new.

1961 Jaguar MK 2 Restoration

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And now for the photos!

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