MG TD Restoration

This 1952 MG TD is a really cool restoration project that we’re happy and fortunate to get our hands on, mostly because of the story behind the car. This TD is a local car that’s been in the same family for many decades. It was originally owned by the family matriarch, who has long since passed. The family decided to have the car restored in memory of their mother. The project stalled out when the man who the family hired to restore the car sadly passed away. Ever since then, the car has been sitting in storage here locally until recently when we were approached by the family and asked to complete the project. We feel pretty honored to have been chosen to complete not only a restoration but part of a remembrance of a beloved family member. We’ll be restoring it back to look exactly like it did when she long ago owned the car.

MG TD Restoration
Starting to look a lot more like an MG!

When we picked up the car, the body was completely removed from the chassis and had parts stored in many boxes. We’ve just mounted the body back on the chassis and prepared it for paint and body. As you can in the photos below, it’s a very solid car showing no rust or accident damage. Over the next few months, we’ll be hard at work to return this gem to all its former beauty. Please check back to watch the progress.

MG TD Dashboard
Let’s add some color!

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