Triumph TR3A Restoration
This once-battered TR3 is really getting back up on its feet!

The 1960 Triumph TR3 is now back from the body shop, and it really looks fantastic. The guys over at Acme Autobody here in San Luis Obispo went all out and made came to us as quite a heap actually resemble a car once again! This TR3 has had significant rust and accident damage and repair, which you would never imagine from seeing the car now. The British racing green paint job came out great.

We’ve now started on the upholstery. Our client has chosen to go with tan, and it looks great in contrast to the green. Growing up, he always remembered the car with a wooden dashboard so we’re repairing the old dash and reinstalling it for him. When restoring these cars, it’s almost always because the client has an attachment to the car and they want it just as they remember—which in this case really cut our work out for us!

Triumph TR3 Restoration
We’re loving the color combo!

The car is halfway through the restoration process at this point, but still has a long way to go. It’s really starting to take shape and look great, and we’re getting excited to see it all finished up. It’s so often these projects are just as rewarding for us as they are for our clients—this definitely falls into that category. We thoroughly enjoy what we do— even when we face the most challenging of projects.

Here’s our first post to give you an idea of where we started with this project.

Comments and questions are always welcome. And make sure to view the photos of our progress so far…

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