2015 Titan & Winklemann Reunion at Thunderhill

What a gathering! Close to forty participants flocked to a historic gathering of Titans and Winkelmanns last November to infuse the hallowed grounds of Thunderhill Raceway with yet another history-making event. Congratulations not just to all the winners, but to each and every participant. As to be expected for such a special event, luminaries in the world of Titans and Winkelmanns included Ken and David Bailey, Richard and Eleanor Hawkins, Tenny Kwok, John and Martha Lou Gianelli, Tom Gloy, Greg Lapinski, and Howden Ganley, as well as no less than Bob Winkelmann himself.

Enjoy the photos, and feel free to post them to your websites and social media pages. Also, let us know if you’d like to receive higher-resolution versions of any of the photos for printing. As always, comments are more than welcome.

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