1960 Jaguar XK150 S
Just moments after it came off the trailer, we were already snapping photos.

The XK150 S Roadster is one of the rarest and most desirable Jaguar XK models in the history of this legendary line of sports cars. A few months ago, a friend of the shop uncovered a most amazing barn find—and it just happened to be here in San Luis Obispo County! He went to a buddy’s house in Creston, California for a barbecue, and to his surprise, his buddy’s landlord had an old Jaguar sitting in the barn out back. As our friend is a car guy, he knew a bit about what he was looking at, but until he went home and did a quick search on the internet, didn’t realize the magnitude of what he had just found.

1960 Jaguar XK150 S
The signature ornament.

What he realized was that the car sitting in the barn was a 1960 XK150 S Roadster (chassis #T831398DN)—one of only 361 XK150 S Roadsters ever assembled. He quickly made a deal to buy the car from the owner, with the intent to restore it, but after several months of contemplating the project, decided it was just too much to take on at the time. Fortunately for us, we were one of the first phone calls he made in his attempt to sell it. We wasted no time and rushed right up to his shop in Atascadero, California, and made a deal. Although we ended up with this great car in the end, credit for the amazing find goes to Alex at Alex’s Hot Rod Shop. Thanks, Alex! We couldn’t be happier with our acquisition of this genuine jewel in the crown of British sports car history.

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