Triumph Italia Restoration

The 1960 Triumph Italia #102 is back from paint and body, and it looks absolutely fantastic. As usual, Kens Body Shop here in San Luis Obispo did a great job, and the paint looks just as good in person as it does in the photos. We’ve now got the suspension fully rebuilt—both front and rear–and have chosen to go with 60-spoke, 4.5-inch wide chrome wire wheels with Verdestein 185/70 15 tires. These are a little wider than stock, but will help fill in the wheel arches as well as help with handling.

Triumph Italia Wire Wheels
The wire wheels really pop!

We’re now in the process of rebuilding the engine, which will hopefully be completed soon. Once the engine is done and installed, we can really get started on finishing up this fantastic specimen. This is our third ground-up restoration of an Italia and we couldn’t be more proud or honored to work on these rare and beautiful jewels in the British car crown. Please check back as we’ll be posting updates as the project nears completion.

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