James Hull's Classic British Car Collection
Truly a sight to behold…and this just one of several warehouses!

Some time ago, the most amazing collection of British cars we have ever laid eyes on was brought to our attention. The staggering collection included over 500 cars, the majority of which are British with over 130 of them being Jaguars, the crown jewels comprised of a Jaguar XKSS, along with a D-type and C-type. This is easily the largest assortment of British cars in the world and just downright jaw-dropping.

Jaguar XKSS
The highlight of the astounding collection is this Jaguar XKSS, one of only sixteen in the world.

Up until recently, the massive fleet of automobiles was owned by Dr. James Hull, who had spent a lifetime collecting and restoring them. On July 25, we received word that Jaguar Land Rover had purchased the entire collection for an undisclosed sum. Hull decided to part with his fleet due to health reasons. Officially, the collection came onto the market for sale in May with an asking price of £100 million, so whatever the final figure turned out to be, it’s guaranteed to be a fortune.

Dr. James Hull
Dr. James Hull spent decades and millions of pounds amassing his fleet of classic British automobiles.

When Tata motors purchased Jaguar Land Rover back in 2008, we were all curious, and perhaps even dubious as to what direction they would take the company. Seeing what they’ve done for the company in recent years, and now greenlighting the purchase of this unprecedented collection, I think we can safely say they’ve put their best foot forward in preserving the legacies of Jaguar and Land Rover. They really have gone above and beyond proving all the skeptics wrong by completely turning the company around, both saving and reinventing it at the same time. We say kudos and keep up the fantastic work, Tata.

Check out some photos of Hull’s warehouses full of cars…and try not to faint in the process. If you’re still conscious after viewing the pics, there’s also a video below!

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