2014 Queen's English British Car Meet

Southern California is the heart of the car collecting world, and has been so for many years. After World War II, just about every British auto manufacturer started designing and building cars aimed specifically at the US market. A majority of those cars were shipped directly to Los Angles and distributed throughout the states. So it comes as no big surprise that this year’s Queen’s English All British Car Show was a huge success.

The highlight of the meet for us was this 1910 Daimler once owned and used by King George V.
The highlight of the meet for us was this 1910 Daimler once owned and used by King George V.

One of the largest gatherings of British cars in the country, if not the largest, the Queen’s English event describes itself as a non-judged “meet” designed for the enthusiast and serious collector alike. The meet took place Sunday April 27th and Southern California had its signature gorgeous weather on full display. The wide variety of British cars was simply amazing. This is a very low key event, perfect to show up to with your British car and enjoy the festivities. Even Jay Leno showed up with his 2014 McLaren P1!

 2014 McLaren P1
Jay Leno was on hand to show off his 2014 McLaren P1.

In addition to a car show, there were numerous vendors selling used parts—even Moss Motors showed up liquidating a huge supply of parts at near giveaway prices. Everywhere we turned, there was a cool and interesting car we had never seen before or merely read about or seen in photos. One of our favorite cars had to be this 1910 Daimler, once owned and used by King George V. This show is a must see for any British car enthusiast. We highly recommend checking out. You can keep an eye out for news on next year’s meet on the official event website.

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