Moss Motors magazine featuring Justin Jurgens
Look Ma’, I made the cover!

We are very excited to announce that Justin Jurgens was selected by Moss Motors to be on the cover of the Fall 2012 edition of Moss Motoring Magazine. This is a pretty big deal in the British car world, as the magazine is one of the largest publications dedicated to British cars, and specifically British car parts. Here at British Sports Cars, we work very closely with Moss on many projects, and have been doing so for over 32 years.

Moss Motors magazine featuring Justin Jurgens
Justin’s Austin Healey photographed just outside the British Sports Cars shop.

It’s funny, even with the large amount of business we do, what led to Justin being on the cover was actually our Facebook page. Moss Motors was looking for young people with knowledge and experience with British sports cars to feature in their magazine, and Justin turned out to be just the guy they were looking for. He also co-wrote the article for the magazine, which you can download here.

We try not to make a habit of patting ourselves on the back, but we’re very proud of Justin, and we’re proud to be featured in such a prominent publication.