1974 MGB GT Restoration
1974 MGB GT Restoration: Before and After

This 1974 MGB GT is a fanastic original car we acquired a while back. The car had been completely gone through when we bought it. It was a great driver with a 5-speed transmission, alloy cylinder head, and Weber carburetor. We sold the car to a long-time client that had an MGB roadster and wanted a GT to go along with it. After purchasing the car, our client decided he wanted to have us do a light restoration. Being that the car all ready ran and drove excellent, we performed a cosmetic restoration on it.

Our client wanted to change the color of the car from its original sand beige to teal blue. For years, matching paint colors has always been a challenge, but thanks to Moss Motors and John Twist, the color codes are now available in the Moss catalog. John and Moss have done a phenomenal job of compiling this information. We hope that in years to come, the color codes for other British cars will come available.

The car turned out great, and it now looks just as good as it drives. Please feel free to post your comments and questions.

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1974 MGB GT Restoration Part2