1966 Triumph TR4 Restored
1966 Triumph TR4 Restored

This 1966 Triumph TR4 initially came to us for a transmission rebuild and installation of the drive train. What started as a quick project turned into a full restoration. Our client brought us his car fully disassembled with the paint and body work already completed. We went through the entire car, rebuilding the engine and transmission, as well as the suspension. At this point, the car was drivable and ready for him to pick the car up to finish up on his own.

Once again, he decided it was best for us to just finish up the restoration. We completely went through all of the upholstery in the Triumph replacing all panels, carpets, and reupholstering the seats with all the correct materials. This is a single-owner TR4 that was sold new just as you see it with the white wheels, white convertible top, and British racing green paint.

This is a really great car that our client is very excited to get back on the road. It’s a rust-free, accident-free, single-owner vehicle that looks and drive amazing now that the restoration is done. We hope he has many more great years with the car.

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1966 Triumph TR4 Restoration