1962 Triumph Italia 2000
1962 Triumph Italia 2000 arrives at the shop.

We are extremely excited to be underway on a very special project: a full restoration of a 1962 Triumph Italia 2000. This is car number 301 of 329 built by Vignale and is one of just a handful that still exists today. This is actually the second Italia 2000 we have been lucky enough to restore. These cars were built on a TR3 chassis and had custom bodies made by Vignale in Italy. Mechanically, they are quite easy to restore but when it comes to the body, it’s a whole different story. Parts are, as we like to say, made of ‘unobtainium’ so anything missing or damaged beyond repair will need to be custom made to the vehicle.

1962 Triumph Italia 2000
Our first look at the 1962 Triumph Italia 2000.

On arrival, the first thing we did was drive the car to see what we were dealing with. To our surprise, the car ran and drove excellent. This is a great sign as we now know the engine and transmission are in pretty good shape. The next step was to get the car stripped down to a shell and off to the sand blaster to see what we are dealing with under the paint.

1962 Triumph Italia 2000
Our first look at the 1962 Triumph Italia 2000 engine.

Now that the car is sand blasted and all of the paint is stripped off we can see that it is in fair condition with some accident damage to the driver’s side. There was also accident damage to the front nose and rust in the lower fenders and sills. Rust in these vehicles is very common as the bodies were made quite crudely and no rust protection was used. All panels will need to be fabricated by hand just like Vignale did when they originally produced these vehicles.

1962 Triumph Italia 2000
1962 Triumph Italia 2000 back from sandblasting.

We are just getting started on this project so as you can see, we have a long way to go. Please feel free to ask any questions or leave comments. Be sure to sign up for our RSS feed to get updates on this and other projects currently in the shop.

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1962 Triumph Italia Restoration Part 1