1967 Morris Mini Cooper S Restoration
The Mini Morris in the shop at British Sports Cars.

British Sports Cars is proud to have this 1967 Morris Mini Cooper S in our possession. This is no ordinary Mini Cooper S. In fact, it’s one of only two cars built by Sprint and then further modified by Wood and Pickett on Abbey Road in London. Sprint was very well known in late-sixties England for the work they did with the Mini Cooper. Geoff Thomas, the builder of the Mini Sprint and a long-time racer of Minis, had an extreme idea how to improve the car for racing. What he did was take six inches out of the car to reduce its wind drag; no easy task because this was not just a roof chop. He decided that along with a roof chop, he would also cut the center out of the car leaving the proportions the same. This is a major undertaking! Can you imagine how much work this would take? Along with modifying the center of the car, you would have to change every aspect of the car from the size of the gas tank to the size of the radiator. When done right, a genuine Sprint is something to admire.

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